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Five Best Natural Body Detox Drink and Cleansing Remedies

Body Detox

Five Best Natural Body Detox Drink and Cleansing Remedies


At the present times, more people are becoming aware and appreciating the benefits of cleansing. This is also fuelled by the fact that the levels of toxins in the foods we consume are on a constant rise. As a result of this level of awareness, there are numerous remedies that have been devised. Some of have proven to be effective while others simply just don’t work.

Body Detox

With all the remedies, it is advisable to stick to the natural as artificial might bring more harm than good. This piece will look at some of the proven five remedies.

Grape fruit and cucumber detox water:

This is one of the most effective detox and body cleansing remedies. In addition to being an effective remedy, it is also very simple to prepare. To make this, all that is needed is a cucumber, a grape fruit, a lemon slice and a few mint leaves. Then chop all the ingredients together and mix in water. You should also allow for it to sit in the fridge for a few minutes before serving. Ideally, this should be consumed about two to five glasses per day. At this rate, toxins will be flushed out, and some kilos will also be shed.

Lemon and ginger detox water:

Ginger is a magical root tuber that possesses some important properties. One of the most known and proven property is a pain killer. However, at the same time, it has some impressive cleansing properties. To prepare this, grate the ginger, and squeeze the lemon to a liter of water. It is also advisable to add a slice of lemon for presentation purposes. With this remedy, the recommended time for drinking the water is early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Apple cinnamon cleansing water:

Unlike with the majority of the detox and cleansing options which do not have a good taste, this is delicious. It offers the body a soothing effect while at the same time being great for those who wish to slim. The reason behind this is because cinnamon offers a metabolism boost while flushing toxins out at the same time. To prepare this, slice a green apple into thin pieces, add cinnamon sticks and let it sit in the water for an hour before serving. Once the first batch is finished, you can refill the jar for some times for the same sticks and apple pieces.

Cranberry Juice:

According to some credible research, it has been noted that consumption of cranberry juice has cleansing properties. Also, it prevents ulcers and UTI’s in healthy persons. Scientifically, Cranberry contains antioxidants, manganese as well as vitamin C. To prepare this, mix one part of the concentrated juice or puree to four parts of water.

Apple cider vinegar:

Cider vinegar and apple are considered as a magical calories burner, and this detox and cleansing remedy is a testimony to this. To prepare this, all you need is to slice an apple into small pieces and add two table spoons of cider vinegar. Fresh lemon juice may also be added and a sweetener for those who are not comfortable with a sour taste.

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